Sep 082013

is  it you?

ar tu    čia?





Sep 022013

EN.    go along with cloud to white nowhere

LT.      palydėti debesį,   į  baltą niekur



Aug 232013

your horizons and my borders

tavo horizontai ir mano ribos





Aug 102013


EN.   I found a wild hair,      it’s yours ,     in the evening softness and nonsearchiness

                                         LT.    radau palaidą plauką,       tavo  ,                          vakaro švelnume ir neieškojime


vakaro plaukas




Aug 042013



EN.   don’t know if you eat the fish I prepared, but I still longing for you

LT.   nežinau ar valgai žuvį, kurią paruošiau, tačiau labai laukiu tavęs grįžtant

zuvis tau


EN.    I finished  my wine and filled the bottle with emptiness, for you

LT.    vyną išgėriau ir butelį užpildžiau tuštuma, tau



EN.   my dinner table, longing for the shadows to detach

LT.   mano vakaro stalas, ilgumoje laukiant kada šešėliai nutrūks

vakaro stalas




Jul 242013

šiltas vakaro skruostas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  po beprasmybės mosto


vakaro skruostas




May 232013


tai ką visada tau norėjau padovanoti


daiktai smelyje



Sep 272012

little fragments of death, 

                                                                                                                                                    wrapped in damp smell


          by cycle of  fresh morning and wise evening.









updated Kuršių Nerija album



Apr 192012

It’s over, but I’m dreaming about Winter. Opening my archives.


I always went around this photo in doubt.  It has correctly composed lines, but very simplistic,  minimum of content. Even so in some way it catches attention, creates strange feeling.



Pole with  non standard form plate against the dull sky, some hand written numbers, some strange winter mood.. Though it’s pointless to look for symbols, confusing..

I acknowledge the attention this photo grabbed from me and include it to Winter album. Revealing the intrigue – it’s mark of foresters on foredune near the sea coast in Curonian Spit.


Another from the same series:



This one I call one off my most meaningful ones. Wide open space on the frozen lagoon – the fishing poles create some order or rules on the wide space.  The wind is free here and the flag implies that. I have no notion to apply the broad meaning of flag symbol.  Emotionally it feels for me like fluttering soul in the abyss of beautiful space.



From the same space:



When the silence sings. (The following wood is not included to Winter album, as doesn’t have printing quality.)




Jan 282012

lately a friend of mine invited me to help ornithologist in ringing the birds. At silent evening we waited for the owls. Mist-net,  erected between poles, is used to capture birds.

Before sun came down, I took shots of the net. The wavy forms, transparent layers complement the elements of  Kuršių Nerija nature, all natural and human-made details  merge into one special atmosphere.  I add it to Kuršių Nerija album.


LT. Esu dėkingas Paulinai, kuri mane pakvietė ornitologui padėti žieduoti pelėdžiukus. Mes tyliai tupėjome tamsoje ir laukėme kada naktinis paukštis papuls į tinklą.

Prieš nusiledžiant saulei išnaudojau progą foto kamera apčiuopti ornitologo tinklus. Banguojantis audinys, tiesios stulpų linijos..  Žmogaus rankų kurinys organiškai susilieja su gamta, papildo ypatingą Kuršių Nerijos atmosferą.